Exploring the Latest Additions to Playcosystem

By bernheim

It’s been a big year for Playcosystem, so far …and it’s only March! If you have visited Bernheim in the last several months, you have probably noticed a lot of projects underway. Last fall, we put up a new swing in the original Zone 1 of Playcosystem and then created a water play area with a hand pump, water tables, and mud pit. We love these smaller projects and always have fun trying something new at Playcosystem, regardless of scale. But this year, we have taken play to new heights. Literally!

Rebuilding the original rope swing inspired us to dream bigger. As of this week, you can officially try out our two new rope swings in Zone 2 of Playcosystem. These swings are anchored into 3 trees each, allowing us to span even further, and raise the swings even higher. And because these are multi-axis swings, you can twirl, spin, and soar in any direction around this beautifully wooded area.

We are also nearing completion of the Play Clubhouse! This structure, situated in the back of Zone 2, will be available for shade and seating during the day and will incorporate some of Playcosystem’s signature play elements you know and love. By reservation, you can even schedule your birthday parties and other events at the Clubhouse. We wanted to make the Clubhouse construction as “green” as possible. We are achieving this through its location in the woods, as well as sourcing much of the lumber from trees right here at Bernheim that have fallen in storms, reducing our building material waste.

On your way to the Clubhouse, you can stop and see another recent addition: the giant sandpit. Our original sandpit is one of the most consistently used parts of the playground. Sand provides valuable sensory experiences while also being an easily manipulated play element, allowing kids to build whatever they want. So we have put in an even bigger sandpit, with more features and more access—so that every kid can enjoy playing together.

More big additions are coming soon. We can’t wait to see you out there!


Learn more about Bernheim’s initiative, Children at Play Network.

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