Due to a heat index exceeding 90 degrees, the Millennium Trail and Elm Lick Trail will remain closed until further notice.

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Arts In Nature


L+A+N+D – Landscape + Art + Nature + Design is an Experience of Discovery. This bold, new initiative annually celebrates innovative design concepts for immersive outdoor installations on a grand scale that will spark imaginations, conversations, and a deeper appreciation of the natural world.


ACRE is a colorful, living installation that addresses the organization’s history through a planting of redbud trees, that delineate an acre boundary, in memory of the forest that was previously devastated by industry at an acre a day.

Forest Giants

Designed in harmony with nature to illustrate the scale of wonder for both children and adults alike! Completed in 2019, Thomas Dambo’s Forest Giants in a Giant Forest installation at Bernheim consists of three sculptures that spark the imagination and by using repurposed and natural materials, Dambo hopes to inspire people to have fun and think of trash as a resource. 

Our family of Giants has lived in our giant forest for nearly 5 years and we know they’ll be leaving soon… Be sure to catch them before they wander off!

Artists in Residence

For over 40 years, the Artist in Residence program has attracted artists from around the world who seek to use Bernheim as their inspiration. This internationally renowned program annually awards artists the opportunity to live and create site specific work inspired by their immersive experience in nature.

Featured Event

CONNECT at Bernheim


Discover the enchanting intersection of art, science, and nature during CONNECT, Bernheim’s annual eclectic evening event. Join us on August 17, 5:33 – 11:33 p.m. to experience Lake Nevin as it comes alive with spontaneous art, light sculptures, and musical performances from renowned artists along with interactive art and science…

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About Arts in Nature

The Arts in Nature programs further our relationship with the natural environment through artistic expression, expanding upon Bernheim’s long history of art in the landscape.

Studies have long shown the healing benefits of art, and when that art showcases natural settings, those healing qualities often prove even more impactful!