Rocks in our Pockets

By Claude Stephens

Building natural playgrounds is, in part, an exercise in logistics. Gathering all the bits and pieces, some of which can be big and heavy, in advance of when you actually need them for construction is a big part of getting a playground built. Today (3-22-23) we moved about 75 huge limestone rocks from a construction project 2.5 miles up the road to Bernheim. Each of these limestone boulders weigh between 3,500 and 6,000 pounds. That takes heavy equipment. We will track the carbon footprint, mostly in the form of fuel, and add that to the carbon footprint of the entire project. When the project is complete we will know how much carbon we will need to bank through conservation efforts in order to offset the project.

These rocks will be used in Playcosystem and for future landscape needs. Getting rock when it’s available is preferable to getting rock when it’s needed.

The only thing that really changes as you transition from a child to an adult is the size of the rocks you want to bring home. As children you just need your pockets. As adults you may find you need trucks. However, if a kid want’s to stuff these rocks in their pocket and carry them home – it’s not gonna be us stopping them.


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