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By Claude Stephens

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Hello. My name is Bri Marr. I am a student with Spalding University. I am joining Bernheim to do a study on the play experiences of children at Bernheim’s natural playground compared to their experiences at other typical playgrounds. 

I am collecting data for this study from the caregivers of children using a short survey. The survey has 15 questions. You will be asked to complete a form for each child in your care. The questions address how each type of play environment meets the needs of your child and your perceptions of your child’s play experiences in different play environments. This survey will take about 10-20 minutes to complete. It can be completed at Bernheim or at home with a QR code on a mobile device. There is no penalty for withdrawal from the study, which you can do at any time.

Would you be willing to participate in this study and complete the survey?

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