Due to the heat index exceeding 90 degrees, the Millenium Trail and Elm Lick Trail are closed from 6/24 through 6/30.

Arts in Nature

Landscape + Art + Nature + Design

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An Experience of Discovery

L+A+N+D (Landscape + Art + Nature + Design), is an exciting, new initiative that annually celebrates innovative design concepts for immersive outdoor installations on a grand scale that spark imaginations, conversations, and a deeper appreciation of the natural world.

Opening to the public Summer 2024

The inaugural year of L+A+N+D will open to the public this summer with ten immersive and thought-provoking experiences that address beauty in the landscape, biodiversity, conservation, sustainability, and climate change. Installed between May and August 2024, these large-scale experiences will be placed along a newly created trail through the open expanses and wild woods found within Guerilla Hollow and Magruder Meadow off of Arboretum Way.

Inspired by long-established International Garden Festivals at Le Jardins de Metis in Quebec as well as the Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire in France, L+A+N+D expands upon decades of invaluable experience of working with artists to also feature creative experiences from architects, landscape architects, designers, and creatives from all over the globe!


Featured Works

Art engages people in different ways than science and education, attaches people’s hearts to what they deem important, and makes emotional connections that inspire change.

Chrysalis by Nikki Pike

Inspired by the artist’s childhood of playing in the natural world, Chrysalis evokes wonder and awe. This bark-covered geometric form invites one to reflect on their connection to nature while emphasizing the value of our precious resources. Covered in tulip poplar and ash bark, Chrysalis honors the state tree of Kentucky while reminding us of the devastating effects of the emerald ash borers on ash trees across the country.

Sylvan Sycamore by Stuart Frost

Sylvan Sycamore uses a compromised Sycamore by drilling thousands of holes into the tree trunk to create a series of Fibonacci spirals, echoing patterns found in nature and serving as a poignant reflection of the resilience of ecosystems.

Becoming Nutrient by Nicole Banowetz

Becoming Nutrient by Nicole Banowetz

Expressive inflatable art illustrates the symbiotic relationship of fungus and fallen logs in helping to create the ideal habitat for the forest floor. Learn more

Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest provides a unique and amazing opportunity for visitors near and far to experience the outdoors like never before. Art installations like the Forest Giants not only brings in an educational component but is an economic driver for the tourism industry bringing in guests internationally and domestically.

– Mike Mangeot, Commissioner for the Kentucky Department of Tourism