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Applications for Bernheim’s 2024 residency program have closed. Applications for the 2025 residency program will reopen in early fall of 2024.

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Artist in Residence Program

Established in 1980, this internationally renowned program has awarded numerous artists opportunities to live and create works inspired by Bernheim’s wondrous natural environment. The work created through this program connects visitors to new and exciting experiences that spark curiosity and ignite wonder while expressing the artistic side of Bernheim.

In 2021, we added an Environmental Artist in Residence (EAIR) that encourages artists to examine environmental issues and the severity of the climate crisis in effort to promote dialogue and positive change for the natural environment. Our first EAIR, Carla Rhodes, used her gift of photography to capture some of our wildest creatures in their glory.

How does the AIR program work?

Up to 4 artists are selected for residencies at Bernheim on an annual basis. Residency periods are between 6 weeks and 2 months and each comes with a $2,500 stipend. One residency is always dedicated to a regional artist currently living in Kentucky or nearby counties; and one residency is dedicated to an artist whose work addresses environmental issues and climate change.

In exchange for comfortable rustic housing, access to studio space, monetary and staff support for the development of new work, artists will create a site-inspired artwork, temporary installation, or project as a donation to Bernheim. Recipients are also asked to engage the public with their work and/or process while in residence.

Artists are encouraged to explore ideas that reinforce Bernheim’s mission of connecting people with nature and to use their residency to take risks, experiment, and explore new avenues in their own work. Any questions can be addressed with Arts Curator, Jenny Zeller via email.

We encourage visual artists of all mediums, with the broadest range of diverse perspectives and experiences, to submit work for consideration!

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Regional Artist in Residence

The Regional Artist Program was established to encourage artists, educators, and students within the surrounding region to use Bernheim’s resources and facilities to create nature-based works of art that help fulfill our mission. The program incentivizes creative partnerships between Bernheim, regional artists and local arts organizations with the intent of increasing the region’s cultural vitality. 

Environmental Artist in Residence

Bernheim’s Environmental Artist in Residence program is a unique opportunity for artists to be a voice for nature!

Artists are invited to address environmental themes including (but not limited to) excess heat, drought, flooding, extreme weather events, food insecurity, displacement, environmental justice, and the loss of biodiversity.

Climate change is a complicated issue, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the science. Art can cut through this complex data, making it vivid and accessible in helping people better understand the science behind climate change and global warming. The goal of the Environmental Artist in Residence is to establish deep connections to the natural world, raise awareness around the problems facing our environment, and get more people talking about climate change, which is critical to inspiring action.

Bernheim deeply believes in the crucial role that the arts can play in shaping environmental change and the future health of our planet. Art can provide hope and inspiration to the challenges of a warming planet by discovering opportunities for overcoming them.

Bernheim Artists in Residence

Explore the photographers, painters, videographers, and installation artists from all over that make up this unique residency of creating nature-based works that fulfill Bernheim’s mission!