Forest Giants at Bernheim Forest

By Amy Joseph Landon

Source: Louisville Family Fun
February 7, 2019

Thomas Dambo will create three Forest Giants sculptures in the Berheim Forest arboretum using recycled wood from our area.

Thomas Dambo is a Danish artist whose work you can see more of on his website. His team will begin work on February 20th with his team so that you will be able to visit and find these forest giants throughout the spring. Also, you will be able to visit while they are creating the giants and see the team in progress while they create these giants. There is no exact date posted for the opening. The project will be called “Forest Giants in a Giant Forest.” The giants are expected to be at Bernheim Forest for three years.

forest giants LouisvilleI took a moment to look through the artist’s Facebook page and the giants are so impressive. I am really looking forward to seeing the unique creatures he and his team make for Bernheim.

Check out this video below to see his work. What a fun scavenger hunt this will be for families visiting Bernheim Forest!

You can keep tabs on the progress by checking the Berheim website landing page for this project or the Bernheim Facebook page. We will certainly keep you up to date as well!

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