Day Eleven

By Olivia Belk

LITTLE NIS:  Today, we’re going on a no-camera photography hike! As you go for a walk through your neighborhood today, think about things you see that would make a pretty picture.  Use your hands to make a camera viewfinder and snap away. Can you take big pictures? What about small things? Do they make good pictures too? Share with someone else some of the cool picture spots that you find. Now go get outside, and make it snappy!

MAMA LOUMARI: Today is a great day to go outside and admire the beauty of nature.  For today, though, we’ll admire through a frame. Have you seen Earth Measure, the giant limestone sculpture in the Big Prairie at Bernheim? There is a big circle you can look through and change the view depending on where you stand.  Before you go outside, you can make a frame like the Earth Measure circle, or make a rectangle, square, or any other shape frame.  Just cut a shape out from a piece of paper or cardboard and carry it with you. Have a grown up help you if you are using something sharp to cut!  Find a place to sit and relax. While you are enjoying the beauty of your surroundings, hold up your frame and see what kind of views you can create.  Try putting your frame on the ground, holding it up to the sky, or turning it sideways! If you want, you can share your favorite framed views with a friend or family member.  

LITTLE ELINA:  One type of art that I LOVE is nature photography.  Bernheim has had Artists in Residence for 40 years, many of which are nature photographers. For today’s project, let’s take your favorite stuffed animal on a nature photography safari!  You can take pictures of your animal posed in the grass, in a tree, on the stairs, wherever? Can you find a place for your animal to camouflage?  Can you put it in a silly place? If you don’t have a camera available to you, just use your eyes and snap a “brain picture”. Feel free to share your pictures – parents can send them to or share them on Instagram or Facebook using #BernheimFromHome.


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