Day Twenty-Three

By Olivia Belk

MAMA LOUMARI- I was so happy to find such a nice spot to rest when my family came to Bernheim.  It’s hard work keeping track of two wild Giant children all the time!  Do you have a special place you like to rest?  If you don’t, then you should find one!  Maybe you’ll find a resting spot like me, under a tree, outside in nature.  There’s also a lot of great resting spots in your house.  You could try under a table or desk, under a blanket, on a special pillow, or any other place where you feel totally at home and comfortable and safe.  Once you’re nice and comfortable, try to stay still for at least 10 minutes.  It shouldn’t be that hard, I’ve been lying under these redwoods for over a year!

LITTLE ELINA – A long time ago when I first came to Bernheim, somebody stole my magical crystal bracelet!  I was pretty sad until a whole bunch of kind people brought me their own magical items to remake my bracelet bigger and more magical than before!  Today, you can make a bracelet with cool nature stuff that you can find.  Just find some thick tape (packing tape works best) and wrap it around your wrist, sticky-side out.  Then, as you look around and find things, you can attach them to your bracelet.  Can you find little flowers and leaves?  Are there any rocks around small enough to attach to your bracelet?  I bet your bracelet will be as magical as mine when you’re finished!

LITTLE NIS – Ever since I arrived at Bernheim, I’ve been staring at my reflection in Lower Olmsted Pond.  Some people think it must be boring to stare at your own reflection for so long, but finding your reflection can actually be a great adventure.  As you walk around your neighborhood or a park today, try to find your reflection in as many places as possible.  Can you find any mirrors?  Can you find your reflection in something natural?  Can you find a reflection that changes the way you look?  I can’t wait to hear about all of the places you can find your reflection just like me!

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