The artist behind the Forest Giants in a Giant Forest installation, Thomas Dambo, said he is not upset that the stones from Elina’s bracelet have been taken. He said he is proud and honored someone would appreciate his work enough to take a piece of it home, but he hopes visitors will leave it for others to enjoy.

“Most things are better shared,” Dambo said. “Most things thrive in the public eye.”

Today Little Elina is very sad, she had walked the forrest for many hours collecting vines and shiny stones to make a beautifull bracelett. But after sitting on the open field for just 5 days, some…

As the official spokesperson for the trolls, Dambo wanted everyone to know that Elina is not mad about the stolen stones either. He said she likes to look nice, and since she spent so much time collecting the stones, she would like to keep them.

If you would like to help replace the stones (or maybe bring her some nice pine cones), both Dambo and Elina welcome the gifts from visitors.