100 Hour Playcosystem Challenge

By Claude Stephens

Get Credit for Playing

The 100 Hours Playcosystem Challenge begins this year on April 22 at Bernheim’s RESTORE event.

The research is clear – playing outside provides numerous health benefits for children. More outdoor play leads to happier and healthier children. We want to encourage and reward outside play through the 100 Hours Playcosystem Challenge. Taking part in the challenge is simple. Here’s how…

  • Print off the 100 Hours Playcosystem Challenge coloring page by clicking the button below or stop by the Bernheim Visitor Center to pick one up.
  • For every hour you engage in outdoor play at Bernheim’s Playcosystem – color in one leaf on your coloring sheet.
  • It’s ok to count play in other parts of Bernheim as well.
  • Once you’ve completed 100 hours of outdoor play at Bernheim, let us know.
  • This is all on the honor system. We trust our play community.
  • Bring your coloring sheet by the Visitor Center and pick up your free Play Champion patch (pictured, right)
  • 100 Hour Players can register to win additional prizes as well.

We would love to follow the 100 Hours Playcosystem Challenge participants on their journey. If you are up for it post photos on your social media platforms along with the hashtag #100hrplaycosystemchallenge

This is not the ONLY outdoor play challenge. The idea comes from the 1000 Hours Outside challenge. Find out more about that effort HERE.

Printable Coloring Sheets

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