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Bernheim – Wood and Pixels

Explore the world of Bernheim through Minecraft!

This past fall, Bernheim Artists in Residence, The Common People, a family of three from England, used Minecraft as a medium and the natural world for inspiration to create Bernheim inspired worlds. Adam Clarke, Victoria Bennett and their son, Django Moses, took part in this first of its kind residency that challenged the conventional wisdom that digital play and nature play are mutually exclusive. “They showed us that it doesn’t have to be one or the other,” said Martha Slaughter, Bernheim’s Visual Arts Coordinator.

The Common People created nine new Minecraft worlds for players to enjoy. You can now explore Bernheim. See the sidebar for installation instructions.

If you don’t have Minecraft, you can still see some of the Wood and Pixels world. Click here to explore a selection of 3D models from the Nine Stories.

During the residency, Victoria Bennett wrote several poems reflecting her experience of living at working in Bernheim. Listen to her read them using the links below.

“The Naming of Things” an extended Renga poem that is featured in the Rock Run Tree of the Wood and Pixels world. (Click here to download the text version)
Ballad of Billy Magruder“, a poem set to music by the Troubadours of Divine Bliss. (Click here to download the text version)
The Spirit of Bernheim“, Bennett worked with Bernheim’s staff to create this group poem which is featured in The Edible Garden Tree in the Wood and Pixels world. (Click here to download the text version)

Read Victoria’s additional writings from Bernheim:
Wood and Pixels – Reflections
The Nine Stories Essay