All are Welcome

Accessibility & Inclusion

You’re a part of our Ecosystem!

Over 350,000 humans visit Bernheim each year. We foster an inclusive environment where everyone has a sense of belonging, safety, and acceptance no matter their culture, race, gender, physical or mental ability, creed, sexual orientation, age and/or religion.

Getting around Bernheim

The terrain at Bernheim is varied – from smooth paved walkways and boardwalks to natural, sloping trails and paths of gravel and mulch. We’ve made getting around as safe as possible and are always willing to help ensure your visit is as comfortable as we can offer.

When planning your visit, be sure to check in with our Guest Services team at the front gate or Visitor Center regarding your unique needs.

GRIT All-Terrain Wheelchair

Thanks to the generous support of WHAS Crusade for Children, the GRIT Freedom Chair is available for your next visit to Bernheim! GRIT can take on a variety of terrains, hills, and obstacles, perfect for venturing out on your own or assisted by someone else with the trail handles.

Visitors of all ages and abilities are encouraged to reserve the GRIT and use it during their next trip to Bernheim to see the natural landscapes, art & attractions, trails, and wildlife Bernheim has to offer. GRIT is available at no cost by advanced reservation only for on-site use between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

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