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Tales from the Bent Twig Trail: Little Rustler

Male Eastern Towhee photo by Sherrie Duris

They used to fool me with all their rustling about in the undergrowth. Yes, I was convinced that some large animal, surely a mammal was busying away there under the bushes. But I'm on to these little rustlers now! The Eastern Towhee (Pipilo erythrophthalmus) is about the size of a robin, but when it's hunting for dinner it purposefully hops back … [Read more]

Vanishing Acts: Monkey Puzzle

The Monkey Puzzle Tree

What’s in a name? This one alludes to the fact that climbing the monkey puzzle tree (Araucaria araucana), with its sharp branches covered in spiny leaves, would puzzle even a monkey. It was first discovered by Spanish explorers in the 1780s along the Andean and coastal Chilean mountain region of South America. Since then, the monkey puzzle tree … [Read more]

Bernheim Welcomes New COO, Scott Turner

Scott Turner, COO

Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest is thrilled to welcome Scott Turner as the new Chief Operating Officer. Scott will oversee ongoing business strategy, operations, and execution. Turner joins Bernheim from Land Between the Lakes where he previously served as Business Performance Manager. Scott’s expertise will deepen the talent of our … [Read more]

REMINDER: Help Bernheim Break the World Tree Hugging Record


We are just over two weeks away from Bernheim’s Big Tree Hug Challenge and we need you to participate! Mark your calendar for Saturday, June 4 and head to Bernheim to help us break the Guinness World Record for the most people hugging trees at the same time. To break the record, we need at least 1,201 tree huggers, but we hope to have an upwards … [Read more]

Join us for BloomFest!


What are you doing this weekend? Why not join us at BloomFest, Bernheim’s annual celebration of spring! The costume parade, naturalist-led discovery stations, local artisans, and food vendors are just some of the many activities available for everyone to enjoy. The day also coincides with our annual Spring Plant Sale, featuring Bernheim Select™ … [Read more]

Tales from the Bent Twig Trail: The Sound of Music

Scarlet Tanager photo by Sherrie Duris

For years, The Sound of Music was my favorite movie. The scenery, the singing and that jaw dropping flyover of the Austrian Alps as the movie opens still gives me goose bumps.  In all of that grandeur, a small bird intones a few notes that somehow sets the stage for Julie Andrews to come whirling into view. Lately the Bent Twig Trail is also … [Read more]