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Make Your Own Wreath


Make and take home your very own Bernheim wreath on Saturday, Dec. 3 in Bernheim’s Smart Gardens and Landscapes: Holiday Wreath Making with Nature from 10 a.m. – Noon. Learn how to use the bounty of the season to create wreaths, swags, kissing balls and more. All materials will be collected from Bernheim, and supplies and tools will be provided. … [Read more]

We Are All a Part of the Big Picture: Isaac’s Café Specials, November 14-18


Like many of you, I wonder if anything I do has an impact on the "big picture".  While pondering such questions this past week, I remembered something that my biology teacher, Mr. Carr, said about his doctoral paper and drawings he had to do of spiders.  He told us that he could not draw a realistic spider but he could make dots that became the … [Read more]

The Hidden Beauty of the Sassafras


Sassafras is a beautiful tree that is often overlooked in the forest. With winter quickly approaching, colors begin to fade within the forest. Sassafras offers beautiful green twigs, red furrowed bark, and large flower buds. It also grows in unique ways from tall and straight to many branching trunks.  When you go hiking along many of the trails … [Read more]

What do we mean when we say “invasive species?”

Bush Honeysuckle, one of the most prevalent invasive species at Bernheim

Next week, while the Natural Areas are closed for wildlife management, the Bernheim staff will be in the arboretum removing many invasive species from the woodlots. Invasive species are not native to our area and are harmful to the ecosystem. They can form thick monocultures (areas that grow a single species) and can push out other beautiful native … [Read more]

Invasive Trees Removed from the Arboretum


As we research our tree collections, we are continually discovering which species perform best in our region.  We also have the opportunity to identify those which have become problematic in our area.  If you've visited recently, you may have noticed several trees missing from plantings directly opposite the Sun and Shade Trail.  Bernheim is … [Read more]

Honoring Our Roots This Week & Isaac’s Café Specials, November 7-11

Daffodils Stock

Join us this Saturday for our 2nd annual Honoring our Roots in the Land daffodil planting celebration! Come nourish yourself with a bowl of root soup and hot cider. We will share our hopes and dreams for the coming year by planting a daffodil. Like the daffodil bulb, we need to use the cold months of winter to store energy and strength from our … [Read more]