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What’s in a Name? Why Playcosystem?

By Bernheim

Explore the nature of play

Names are funny things. When deciding on a name for our new playground we wanted to convey the method behind the madness. We also wanted a name that was ours – one that wasn’t out there in the world – something unique to Bernheim. That’s not easy in a world where almost anything you google pops up dozens if not hundreds of hits.


Playcosystem is a riff off of ecosystem. Think of a playcosystem as…

  • A biological community of players interacting with each other and their physical environment in a way that supports the health of all
  • A complex network of healthy interconnected play communities

Playcosystem is also envisioned as a laboratory for exploring the value of play in the outdoors. That’s what inspired the tagline: explore the nature of play
It’s a place where YOU can explore play, but it’s also a place where Bernheim can explore play.

Think of Playcosystem as a grand experiment in how play literally plays a role in connecting people to nature. We are fostering the next generation of environmental stewards through play.

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