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When Mike and Carol Green began searching for a place to retire, they never imagined stumbling upon a site like Bernheim. Stopping in for a quick picnic before catching their flight back to their then home state of California, the two quickly fell in love with the atmosphere. They decided Kentucky was the perfect place to settle down for retirement.

The couple first volunteered at Bernheim in 2012, helping Patrick Dougherty build Snake Hollow. This willow art sculpture stood on the grounds for about three years. They have since continued to volunteer with the Gardening Group every Thursday. They were among the first volunteers to return after reopening to the public last year and have continued to lend a helping hand. We are incredibly grateful for volunteers like Mike and Carol and cannot thank them enough for their dedication to Bernheim.

For more information about volunteering at Bernheim, visit bernheim.org/volunteer or contact Ida Brown at (502) 531-1541 or ida.brown@Bernheim.org.

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