Visitors come to the rescue after stones in a Bernheim troll’s bracelet disappear

By Amy Joseph Landon

Source: The Courier-Journal
By Darcy Costello
March 25, 2019

Today, Elina is so, so happy, the artist behind the Bernheim Forest trolls posted Sunday on Facebook.

The troll, one of three in the forest, had the stones in her bracelet stolen days after her reveal to the public, artist Thomas Dambo said. But when word got out that “Little Elina” was looking for new bracelet decorations, Bernheim visitors heeded the call.

Now, dozens of colorful stones, flowers, pine cones and gems decorate her eye-popping bracelet.

“Since she lost the stones in her (bracelet), hundreds of little people had visited her, they had all been kind, smiled and many had brought her beautiful new stones,” Dambo said on Facebook. “So many that they could not all fit in the (bracelet). Elina has asked me to tell you, that she is very grateful.”

Elina, her mother “Momma Loumari” and brother “Little Nis” are pieces by Dambo, an internationally-renowned Danish artist, for the 90th-anniversary celebration of Bernheim Forest. The exhibit, “Forest Giants in a Giant Forest,” will stay at Bernheim for about three years.

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The trolls were constructed with recycled wood from pallets, fallen trees, bourbon barrel staves and scraps from the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory.

“The giant trolls represent nature and the threat from human beings,” Dambo said. “It taps into all the traditions and folklore that we have in Denmark.”

Dambo previously told the Courier Journal that he places his giant trolls “so people have to go away from their smartphones and into nature to find them.”

Bernheim is the largest privately held forest dedicated to conservation and education in the eastern United States, at more than 16,000 acres. Founder Isaac W. Bernheim said art must be part of the conservation and education arm of the forest’s mission.

“The most beautiful things you find in life are not the things you see outside your window, but when you get lost and go on a detour on the journey to your destination,” Dambo said.

On Facebook, the artist invited more jewelry donations: “If anybody has a rope, (you’re) much welcome to make her a necklace of the stones that did not fit in the (bracelet), because Elina really likes (beautiful) things.

His post about the good news has been shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook, with many commenting how the donations warmed their heart.

“That’s so sweet!!! Human kindness at best,” one person said.

“Wonderful! Kindness and compassion prevail!!!” another wrote.

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