Talking Matters – Climate Change and Loss of Biodiversity in 2023

By Mark Wourms

We hear it regularly “words matter.” This is often in the context of culture, social justice, or other political issues. However, words matter also in our effort to mitigate climate change to save species which inhabit this planet, including ourselves. A recent Yale Climate Communications report cited that 61% of Americans are alarmed or concerned about climate change, yet 67% say they “seldom” or “never” talk about it.   I was shocked!

How is it that we can rant and rave about the tragedies caused by super storms including tornadoes and hurricanes? Anguish over the loss of lives and property in floods. We follow wide-eyed run-away forest fires and the loss of crops resulting in famine derived from drought. We mourn the loss of lives due to the recent arctic bomb cyclone, and yet we don’t express ourselves when talking about climate change?

In 2023, let’s talk about the pressure climate change is putting on everyone, including the economic, social, and natural systems on which we rely.   Let’s talk about the moral implications of leaving a less resilient world with greatly reduced biodiversity and natural beauty for future generations. Let’s talk about clean air and water, and all the basic necessities that are being compromised by climate change which will impact the health and the wealth of our children.

Talk is cheap, but it is a critical step.  Let’s talk about climate change, so as a society, as a species, we can make positive and rapid change for the good of all.

For more information to help you start using your voice to advocate for the future of our planet, see these selected sources:

World Wildlife Fund Living Planet Report 2022

Louisville Sustainability Report 

UN Climate Reports

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