Romance at Bernheim? Female golden eagle being tracked with Harper

By Bernheim

Source: WHAS
February 6, 2019

CLERMONT, Ky. — A rare, female eastern golden eagle was captured briefly and tagged with a transmitter at Bernheim Forest.

Bernheim Executive Director Dr. Mark Wourms says, “Eleven, twelve pounds, so think about the weight of a turkey Thanksgiving and then put a 7-foot wingspan on that.”

On February 2 they were able to track her for her first flight around Bernheim.

Why are they so excited about this golden eagle? Andrew Berry, Bernheim Forest Manager, says, “This would be the first project in eastern North America where you actually have a pair being tracked together.”

She arrived from Canada in November 2018 with the male golden eagle named Harper that they’ve been tracking for four years. WHAS11 has reported extensively on Harper’s amazing migration, leaving Bernheim every March, but coming back in the fall. The public named him in a contest.

So, is a love story now developing at Bernheim?

We will know soon. Berry says, all thanks to the tracking devices, “How they’re flying together, maybe hunting together but also when they get up there on the nest, how do they divide up the time between the female sitting on the nest and the male foraging?”

She weighs 12 pounds, more than the males and Berry says for this reason, “The females need to be larger to protect  the nest while the male is out hunting.”

Bernheim Forest is holding a naming contest for the female golden eagle.

The choices:

1)    Goldie:   for the beautiful golden feathers on crown of her head.

2)    Athena:  the Greek goddess of wisdom, courage and inspiration.

3)    Persephone:   Great goddess of weather changes, the seasons.

Vote here by Wednesday, February 13.

Bernheim is open to the public Monday-Sunday, Clermont KY exit 112 off I-65 south.

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