Playcosystem Has Reach

By Claude Stephens

People are starting to hear about Playcosystem outside of our immediate region and some are arranging overnight trips to come play at Bernheim. We are meeting more and more people that made Playcosystem one of their summer destinations. Here’s what we recently heard from a mother that arranged a summer play adventure for her children…

“After seeing multiple recommendations on a 1,000 Hours Outside group on Facebook, I drove my boys from almost five hours from Indiana to explore Playcosystem and it did not disappoint!  We spent half a day exploring play in Playcosystem but we could have easily spent more time exploring other parts of Bernheim.  The opportunities for my children to be able to use their imaginations while also navigating appropriate risks while playing outside was amazing.  Witnessing them invent and build with the open-ended play materials made me wish there were more places that had the same philosophy.   I  have never seen such an amazing place and can’t wait to share it with others in my area!” – Jessica Overpeck

Here are a few photos of their visit…


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