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By bernheim

Bernheim Forest is seeking a skilled mechanic who is proficient in maintaining and repairing a fleet of vehicles and general equipment used in the operation of Bernheim Forest.  Some examples of general equipment include weed eaters, leaf blowers, chainsaws, stump grinders, mowers, chippers and tractors.

 Responsibilities include

  • Develop a preventative maintenance schedule for vehicles and equipment.
  • Schedule times with employees to perform routine maintenance/repairs on work vehicles.
  • Record-keeping, such as fuel consumption.
  • Troubleshoot, repair, and maintain vehicles and equipment as needed.
  • Address unexpected issues with machinery being used in the field, requiring immediate attention.
  • Keep shop safe, clean and tools in good working condition.
  • Communicate problems or concerns to the Director of Operations.
  • Assist fellow employees as time permits.


  • High School diploma or GED.
  • Valid Kentucky driver’s license.
  • 3 years’ experience as a mechanic or equivalent.

Ability to:

  • Work with and relate to all personality types.
  • Keep detailed maintenance and repair records.
  • Troubleshoot and problem solve.
  • Repair a variety of equipment and vehicles.
  • Use diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot and analyze.
  • Operate various pieces of equipment.
  • Complete tasks in a timely manner.

Bernheim is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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