LG&E plans to build a new pipeline in Bullitt County

By Bernheim

Source: WAVE3
By Taylor Durden
April 27, 2019

BULLITT COUNTY, KY (WAVE) – Some Bullitt County residents aren’t thrilled about a proposed new LG&E natural gas transmission pipeline.

LG&E said the pipeline was approved by the Kentucky Public Service Commission.

The pipeline would be about 12 miles in length, stretching from an existing LG&E natural gas transmission line in eastern Bullitt County to another existing distribution line near I-65. That gas distribution system serves parts of Mt. Washington, Shepherdsville, Clermont and Lebanon Junction.

The red line marks where the pipeline would run through the county. (Source: LG&E)
The red line marks where the pipeline would run through the county. (Source: LG&E)

LG&E said the pipeline would “enhance reliability for customers by creating an additional path for natural gas traveling through the system to residents and businesses in the area. In addition, the added capacity it provides will support continued growth and economic development within the region.”

A portion of land Bernheim Forest owns would be in the path of this pipeline.

Bernheim Forest Executive Director Dr. Mark Wourms told WAVE 3 News they oppose the pipeline and their board voted to not allow it on their land.

Friday night, more than 60 southeast Bullitt County residents met to talk about the pipeline, as well as some road and annexation issues.

Some people at Friday’s meeting had easements purchased by LG&E because they figured there were no other options. Others said they plan to fight this.

The pipeline route falls right in the middle of some properties, which is causing concern for residents.

Steven Phelps, a resident in southeast Bullitt County, organized Friday’s meeting. He said he started organizing meetings like this a few years ago to make sure the people living in the area were all on the same page about issues happening around them. He said this is no different.

“Because it’s not just the pipeline. It’s the roadways, it’s the annexation issues, it’s the warehouses, the growth and it’s all intertwined,” Phelps said. “And if we don’t do something, as far behind as we may be on one particular item, if we don’t do something, then as I stated earlier, we might as well just pack our bags and go home.”

LG&E says they cannot begin work until all easements have been acquired and the contractor is selected. They still need to purchase about 15 percent of the easements for the project.

Once all easements are acquired and a contractor is selected, construction would take six to nine months.

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