It’s Casserole Week at Isaac’s

By Kathy Hart

I always enjoy visiting the wildlife viewing room at the Education Center, especially this time of year. Seeing, and feeling a part of the great hum of life, just a few feet away is always special.  I sense the urgency of the bees coming and going in that last push to gather pollen. I witness the communal dance at the feeders of chickadees and finches, to the flash of red from cardinals and wood peckers. I laugh at the chipmunks stuffing their cheeks, in preparation of the lean winter months ahead.  It always makes me mindful that we also need to begin our preparation for winter.

Casseroles are a great way of combining all the goodness of  simple ingredients into one delicious dish, that will not only sustain you until your next meal but perhaps prepare you for whatever lies ahead.  Birds and other animals are not the only ones to put on a few extra pounds this time of year. By utilizing the wealth of fresh from the Edible Garden vegetables, adding a salad and hearty bread, you may get all the nutritious goodness without the added and likely, unwanted pounds.

It’s casserole week at Isaac’s Café! Stop in any day this week for our fresh made soups, sandwiches and this week, our special casserole!

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