Garden mannequins, forest giants, flamethrowers: News from around our 50 states

By Bernheim

Source: USA Today
March 22, 2019

(content edited for length)



In the past month, three large wooden trolls have sprouted in the woods of Bernheim Forest – a mother and two children. Pregnant troll mother “Momma Loumari” rests against a redwood tree as her children play in the woods. “Little Nis” has discovered his reflection in Holly Pond, while sister “Little Elina” (above) forms rocks into the shape of a giant feather. The trolls come courtesy of internationally renowned Danish artist Thomas Dambo and the 90th-anniversary celebration of Bernheim Forest. Dambo used recycled wood from pallets, fallen trees, bourbon barrel staves and scraps from Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory to construct his forest giants. The trolls in the “Forest Giants in a Giant Forest” exhibit will “live” at Bernheim for about three years.

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