Forest giants in Bernheim Forest complete after months of construction

By Bernheim

Source: Derby City Weekend (WAVE3)
By Berry Stockton
March 17, 2019

All three forest giants have been completed in Bernheim Forest.

They were built by Danish artist Thomas Dambo, who said creating art in forests across the world has been a dream of his for years, stemming from folklore stories from his childhood.

There’s Mama Loumari – who is pregnant and resting against a tree. Close by you’ll find her two children, Little Nis and Little Elina, who are exploring the ponds and rocks.

Danish artist Thomas Dambo constructed the forest giants. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

They’re all made from recycled and re-purposed wood – including storm debris, bourbon barrel staves and scrap from the Louisville Slugger Bat Factory.

“One year ago, I came here to the arboretum and was going around like trying to imagine if I was a troll, where would I sit here and what would be the beautiful spot to give birth if I was a pregnant lady troll,” Dambo said. “So it just feels super nice to be here now and see that whole vision completed.”

The pieces should last three years, if weather permits. Dambo has constructed more than 40 giants across the world.


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