CLERMONT, Ky. — Giants are coming to Bernheim Forest this month.

In conjunction with the forest’s 90th Anniversary, Danish artist Thomas Dambo is coming to Kentucky to create a brand new installation, “Forest Giants in a Giant Forest.”

The installation will consist of three structures throughout Bernheim’s arboretum and will be built using recycled wood from the region.

Dambo and his team will work from February 20 to March 18 and the public is encouraged to come watch the process.

Thomas Dambo, based out of Copenhagen, was inspired by the “potential in all the stuff that people threw out” while he was growing up. After attending a design school, he began constructing unique sculptures from recycled materials.

His art has been featured all over the world. He has created dozens of “forest trolls”, hundreds of birdhouses, and what he calls “Happy Walls”, installations of colored wooden blocks that can be customized to create all kinds of murals.

He also has several design projects, including furniture and interior design, that are primarily made with recycled materials

One of his works from 2018, Leo the Enlightened, is hidden within the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.

According to Dambo, Leo was built using scrap wood, and his necklace was made from lumps of sick trees.

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Dambo documents each of his projects through YouTube videos and social media posts. He also has several galleries of his work on his website.

He has yet to reveal what the “Giants” of Bernheim will look like, but you can see for yourself when he starts construction later this month.