Fall is the Time for Fabulous Tress

By Mark Wourms

Bernheim is known for its extraordinary trees. Some of our trees are natural, predating the founding of Bernheim in 1929; most were planted shortly after, recreating a beautiful forest from worn-out farmland. Some arboretum trees were planted during the early work of the Frederick Law Olmsted design firm in the 30s, while others were selected by famous botanists (such as Buddy Hubbuch) from the 60s to the 90s. I am proud that Bernheim continues to plant hundreds of trees each year, promoting healthier ecosystems and beautifying the landscape.

Bernheim is also a part of “greening” the entire region, through learning experiences and opportunities to acquire trees. Bernheim Select™ is available for your home and community and hundreds of saplings are given away with annual Arbor Day celebrations. Educating the community about the value of trees and promoting the expansion of green canopies (within our boundaries as well as beyond) strengthens the environment and supports Bernheim’s mission of connecting people with nature.

Fall is a fabulous time of year to visit Bernheim – visit as often as possible to learn about trees, find a new tree for your landscape and certainly to enjoy the beauty of the season with family and friends. Come and see the transformation from greens to golden rainbows. Then when the leaves drop in late fall, you can enjoy the true architecture of a tree, and observe the relationship between the tree and the landscape.

Enjoy a tree – for that matter, enjoy thousands of trees! – in the ever-changing fall splendor at Bernheim.

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