Big Forests Need Big Heroes (Like You)

By Bernheim

DONATE TODAY to the Big Forests Need Big Heroes Campaign.

Every year in Kentucky, we lose 50,000 acres of land to development. It is estimated that there are over 3 million trees throughout Bernheim’s 15,625 acres, all of which are protected from development. These trees act as powerful lungs for our region, cleaning over 780 million pounds of oxygen annually. Our forest is also home to more than 2,100 unique species. With heroes like you, we can continue to protect critical wildlife habitat, including that of the beloved monarch butterflies.

We have a big goal to raise $50,000 by July 21, 2018 to support our work both within our forest and beyond its borders – you can play a role in conservation and education with a donation to the Big Forests Need Big Heroes campaign.

Bernheim is entirely donor and member supported so every gift matters and every dollar counts.

With heroes like you, we are able to offer engaging programs and exciting events, and conduct research vital to improving the health of our forest for generations to come!

Thank you for supporting our mission of Connecting People with Nature and for being our FOREST HERO!

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