Edible Garden Intern

By Cole Alexander

Across the nation, people are experiencing a significant shift in thinking about the food they consume and an increased interest in locally grown foods. The Louisville community has seen a growth of farmers markets, an increased use and promotion of locally produced foods by acclaimed local chefs and an increased presence of locally grown and produced specialty products on the shelves of local businesses.

One of Bernheim’s mission-driven goals is to provide an understanding of the ecological impacts of large and small scale gardening and how the choices we make affect our “footprint” on the earth. To this end, Bernheim is designing an innovative community garden which highlights the relationships of plants and people, demonstrates regenerative design and ecosystem gardening techniques, sparks and expands the imagination and enlightens the principles of science and nature in living systems through pioneering health, math and science programming.

Bernheim’s sustainable community garden will focus on edible plants and landscapes to help visitors of all ages and background understand how they can grow food themselves, at home or in their community. Integral to the design of the garden is the integration of nature art and art created by artists. Hands-on workshops will build much of this garden.

This position is a chance to work in a beautiful, rewarding and innovative place, to learn and to apply regenerative design concepts to gardening. This position entails a 40 hour work week/Monday thru Friday; weekends as needed.

Click here to download the full job description.

For more information or to submit your resume and cover letter, contact Debbie Medley, HR Coordinator.

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