Day Twenty

By Amy Joseph Landon

MAMA LOUMARI – I’ve spent a long time lying beneath the Redwoods, and one of my favorite things to look at is the sky. The sky can tell many stories, and one of the ways it does so is through the clouds. Spend some time lying in the grass and looking up into our sky. Do you see any clouds? What shapes are those clouds? Do they look like animals, plants, people, or objects? Do the clouds change or move as time goes on? Come up with a story about the things you see in the sky.  

To learn more about the types of clouds in our sky, click here

LITTLE ELINA – If you use your imagination, nature can become many different things. I sometimes will find items and turn them into props and actors in a Nature Puppet Show. Decorate leaves, pinecones, flowers, and even rocks to make them stars in a play for your family! If you’d like, you could also make a cardboard puppet theater for your show to take place in. What is your play about? Why did you pick certain items to represent different characters?

Bernheim’s own Wren Smith used onion grass and daffodils to make her puppet show. What will you use? 

Memorial BenchLITTLE NIS – I love adventure, but I also love to read. So, let’s combine the two! Bring a book with you on your hike today. While hiking, look around and find a comfortable, peaceful spot to sit. Spend some time reading your book in your special spot. After a while, continue hiking and look for another spot to read. For the rest of your hike, pause when you find good sitting spots and take some time to read your book. Why did you choose certain spots? Did sitting in nature affect your reading?



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