Forest Hill Drive and Guerilla Hollow are closed on Sunday, May 25 due to high winds.

Day Twelve

By Olivia Belk

LITTLE ELINA: You don’t need crayons and markers if you have nature! There are different things you can gather that work great to paint with. Go outside, collect things you think may make good nature paints, then rub them on paper to see if they transfer color. Make a masterpiece using your nature paints! 

Some ideas for nature paints are:

  • Dandelion blossoms- yellow
  • Dandelion leaves – green
  • Clover – green
  • Violets – purple
  • Flower petals – various colors
  • Mud – different shades of brown, potentially reds and oranges

LITTLE NIS:  Today as you are walking around your neighborhood, try to collect things that will work as nature paints.  It is a good idea to bring a bag or other container to hold your items. Be careful to not pick any flowers that someone planted or take anything from somebody’s yard.  

Can you find different shades of green?  Are there different types of rocks that might make different colors?  How about dirt? Can weeds be crayons? What is the strangest thing you found that could be a nature crayon?

Monarch Caterpillar at Bernheim

MAMA LOUMARI: There is beauty all around us! Let’s take a moment to notice the beautiful, fantastical things that surround you every day. While in your backyard or taking a short walk around your neighborhood, try to find

  • Something wonderful that is larger than you
  • Something amazing that is smaller than your hand
  • An enchanting sound
  • An incredible scent
  • The thing you find most beautiful out of all

Be sure to look at things from different angles, up close, and from far away. Talk to family about the beauty you find. When finished, discuss the most stunning thing you’ve ever seen. Why do you remember these things? Do you remember only what it looked like, or do you also recall the smells, sounds, and sense of place?

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