Day Three

By Bernheim

MAMA LOUMARI: While my giant children are having competitions and taking long hikes, I like to find a good spot to watch them play. Find somewhere with a view, where you can see far and wide to see the world around you. After a few moments of watching, share with the people around you one thing you appreciate in life.

LITTLE ELINA: Sometimes, it is fun to take on a giant challenge. Use sticks you find on the ground to make the longest line you can! Where does your line start? Where does it end? Is it totally straight, or does it curl and weave around things? What are some interesting things next to your line? Just be sure that your line doesn’t cross the road!

LITTLE NIS: I ran a long way across Bernheim, and found so many exciting things! Today’s adventure is to take a long journey like me, and to walk longer than a mile. While exploring, look for other giant things. Which tree is the tallest? Which rock is the largest? Which house or building is the biggest?  Can you find any big mushrooms? Have some giant competitions too! Who can walk the longest across a log or a curb? Who can take the biggest steps? Who can be quiet and listen the longest?



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