Day Thirteen

By Bernheim

Photo Credit: Audubon Society

MAMA LOUMARI: Think about all the animals you can find around you. There are many creatures, and we all rely on one another for survival. Brainstorm how you can help the animals in your neighborhood. What can you do to help them? Some ideas are: reusing objects to prevent trash, putting out a bird feeder or bird seed, planting flowers for pollinators, recycling plastics, planting a native tree, building a critter home with sticks and leaves, or putting out fresh water for creatures to drink. Pick an idea and either make it your project for the week, or make a plan to help animals in the future!

LITTLE ELINA: There are animals everywhere! In the treetops above our heads, scampering through the grass, swimming in ponds, and even in the dirt beneath our feet! I love to draw all the creatures I see. Bring some paper, coloring utensils, and something to write on when you go outside today. Draw a picture of the critters you find while adventuring. What colors are they? Are they big or small? Where do you find them? 

LITTLE NIS: On my adventures, I like to find as many animals as possible, and there are lots of different kinds! Let’s go on an animal walk, and see if you can find one of each of these types of animals.

Bird, Reptile, Amphibian, Mammal, Insect, Arachnid (Spiders!), Fish, Mollusk (Snail or Slug)

When you find one, watch it for a few minutes. What is it doing? Do you only see one, or many? Think about what makes each type different from each other. How many legs do they have? Do they have fur, feathers, scales, or something different? How do they move?

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