Day Ten

By Bernheim

LITTLE ELINA: When I’m out in nature, even if I didn’t bring things to color with, I can still make art! You can make a picture using only the colors you find on the ground. In your backyard or on a walk, collect things like: leaves, pine cones, flower petals, rocks, pine needles. Once you’re finished gathering, in your backyard or a safe outdoor space, use your collection to create a picture. Can you make a picture of an animal? What about a self portrait? Why do you use certain items? Do any items represent a part of your personality? You also could create a mandala, which is a circle with a pattern that repeats or matches on both sides (like a butterfly’s wings!)

LITTLE NIS: One of the best things about Spring is all the colors that can be found in nature! I bet if you tried, you could find every color on your hike. Before going out, make your own color palette. Use markers or crayons to put squares of color on a piece of paper: pick any colors you like! Then, take your palette with you on a hike. See if you can find things that match your colors. Look for leaves, flowers, and mosses, which all come in many different shades. 

MAMA LOUMARI: Colors are beautiful to look at, but they bring back memories too. Once you’ve finished using your color palette on a hike, bring it inside. Think about each color. When you think of this color, what do you picture? Does this color remind you of a certain sound? What about a certain smell and feeling? Do you have any memories related to this color? Write your answers for some of your colors, then talk to a family member. What does each color remind them of?

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