Day Six

By Bernheim

MAMA LOUMARI: Even though I’m a giant, I know that there are tiny miracles all around us, we just need to stop, look, and listen.  Today is a great day to get up close to some of these tiny miracles. Find a flower, a rock, a tree, a piece of grass, or any other piece of nature and get down really close to it.  Look at it from its level. Tiny miracles can only be seen if you pretend you are tiny too, so get face to face with a flower, eye to eye with a tree, or nose to nose with nature. Take time to see things from the perspective of your miracle.  Look at it closely. Do you notice something you wouldn’t have seen if you hadn’t gotten down close? Does your tiny miracle remind you of anything else? Find more miracles if you want. You can draw a picture or take an up-close photo of your discoveries.

LITTLE ELINA: Every Spring, Bernheim becomes a home to whimsical forest friends.  In fact, there is an entire fairy village behind the Visitor Center.  Fairies live in houses constructed from small pieces of nature found on the forest floor.  Today, why don’t you find your own magical place to build a house for a fairy? You can use things like bark, sticks, rocks, and mud to create the perfect fairy house.  Make sure your house isn’t somewhere that it could get stepped on or run over with a vehicle. If you don’t want to build a fairy house, you could construct a toad abode or an insect apartment.  You could even take a picture of your creation and post it on Bernheim’s Facebook page!

LITTLE NIS: For today’s adventure, we’ll head out on our walk pretending to be an animal.  You could be a bird, a squirrel, a deer, a coyote, or anything else you can imagine!  As you walk, think about where you would hide from predators. Where would you make your home?  What would you do for fun as your animal? Do you think it would be fun to be a different animal?  Would it ever be scary?  



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