Day Seventeen

By Bernheim

Indigo Bunting

MAMA LOUMARI – There is something fascinating about birds. How they flit from branch to branch, the different sounds they make, the nests they build. Spend some time outside or by a window, and notice the birds. How many do you see? Are they all the same species? How many different color birds do you see? What sounds are they making, and can you mimic them? Do they prefer flying around, sitting on branches, or hopping on the ground? Can you tell what they like to eat? Which bird is your favorite?

LITTLE ELINA – I love to draw, but another form of art is writing. Sometimes, I find a spot, watch the world go by, and write everything I can about it. You should do the same! Find things that interest you, and write as much as you can describing them. What colors, shapes, and patterns do you see? What is moving around you? What are the animals and people doing as you sit here? What are the sounds you hear? The things you smell? What do you feel? Try to use as many descriptive words as you can.

Song Sparrow

LITTLE NIS – Everything in nature looks, moves, and acts in different ways. Find some family members, and let’s play nature charades! Each take turns acting out different animals, plants, and other things you may find in nature. Who can guess the most correctly? Who has the best impressions? Can you pretend to be your favorite animal? How would you pretend to be a plant? If you want, play this game while on a hike. Everyone can take turns mimicking the different things you discover.

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