Day Seven

By Olivia Belk

LITTLE ELINA: There are so many different types of leaves! Tiny, bigger than your head, round, pointed, and more. See how many types you can find by making a leaf collection. Find a stick, and thread any interesting leaves you find on the ground onto it. Can you find the tree each leaf came from? What shape is the leaf? Which leaf is your favorite?

LITTLE NIS: The Natural Forest at Bernheim has many towering trees, creeks to cross, and amazing plants to discover. Your neighborhood has a lot to discover too!  It is the perfect place for an adventure! Today, take a walk and imagine that everything you see is something else! Is that car an elephant? Are those birds airplanes?  Let your imagination run wild on an imaginary adventure hike. 

MAMA LOUMARI: Often when we walk, we spend our time looking straight ahead so we don’t trip and fall. But sometimes, it is good to pause and look up. While walking today, set a timer that goes off every five minutes. When your timer goes off, stop walking and spend a few moments looking up, down, and all around. Are you able to see the sky, or is it blocked by something? What does the ground look like? Do you hear any birds? Do you hear anything else?

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