Day Nineteen

By Olivia Belk

LITTLE NIS –  As you go out on your walk today, try to think of things in nature that start with the letters in your name.  If you want to have a bigger challenge, try to find those things as you walk!  If you can’t think of things in nature, or you can’t find them, try to find the letters in your name on signs or in the branches of trees like we did a few weeks ago.  Here’s what I found: Nest Iris Sunshine


MAMA LOUMARI – I love to read poems, especially when I’m sitting in the shade of a tree.  Today, try to find some poems that you can read under a tree or in another special place outside.  Here are some of my favorites:

Trees by Joyce Kilmer

Birches by Robert Frost

Loveliest of Trees by A.E. Houseman

Trees Need Not Walk the Earth by David Rosenthal

When I am Among the Trees by Mary Oliver

Tree, Dear Tree by Jonathan George


LITTLE ELINA – Today we are going to become poets!  An acrostic poem is a poem that uses the letters from a word as the first letter in each line.  Choose something from nature, and write an acrostic poem about it.  Here are some examples:

Always moving

Never stopping to rest

Tired?  Not yet!







Green beard

Reaching out to tickle

As I walk in bare feet

Summer time


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