Day Nine

By Olivia Belk

MAMA LOUMARI: Spring has sprung! Plants have new growth, wildflowers are sprouting, and birds are singing from the treetops. There are so many things to hear, see, and even smell! Why don’t we spend our day looking for signs of spring? See how many things you can find on my Signs of Spring Checklist! What signs of spring do you see that are not on my list?


Signs of Spring:

  • Bird building a nest
  • Bird singing
  • Blossom on a tree
  • Butterfly
  • Earthworm
  • Frogs croaking
  • Honeybee
  • Leaf buds
  • Rabbit
  • Scent of flowers
  • Smell of dirt
  • Sound of a rambling creek
  • Squirrel climbing a tree
  • Turtle
  • Wildflower

LITTLE ELINA: There are so many picturesque places and things at Bernheim. I love to make art of the things I see, but sometimes it’s good to freeze the moment with a picture. Today, take pictures of the amazing and beautiful things that you see while out exploring nature. Capture the landscapes that take your breath away, as well as the tiny delights like wildflowers and insects. Share your pictures with family, and discuss with them your discoveries. Do they have any stories about the things you’ve found? What does it remind them of?

Spring at Bernheim with Dogwoods in bloomLITTLE NIS: When I want to learn about the different trees found in Kentucky, I head to the Arboretum part of Bernheim, but there are trees everywhere! Today, let’s take a tree hike. While walking, find one tree you think is interesting. Make a note or take pictures of its defining features. What does the bark look like? Does it have any leaves yet? Do you see any flowers or buds? Once you get home, try to identify your tree, either online or in a book. What did you learn about your tree?


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