Day Fourteen

By Olivia Belk

LITTLE ELINA: I love stories! Especially now, when we’re spending a lot of time at home, stories can be a way to go somewhere new and exciting. Reading them is fun, but coming up with your own is great too! Let’s find something in your backyard or that you see on a walk, and write a story about it. You can write about anything at all! The things a giant tree has seen through history, how a pair of birds care for their young, a forest fairy trying to help a friend. Share your stories with a family member once you’re finished.

LITTLE NIS: Writing stories is fun, but I prefer to pretend I’m in a story. One day I’m an adventurer striking out into the unknown, another day I’m a forest guardian protecting my home from litterbugs. On your hike today, make up a story where you’re the star! Who are you? What is your adventure? How do the things you see affect your journey? Use your imagination, and have your family play along too. 

MAMA LOUMARI: I’m tired.  This being at home with the kids is wearing me out.  I’m going to lie here under the redwoods and relax with my favorite book.  Do you have any favorite books about nature? It’s a great time to take a book break!  Please share your favorite nature books with your fellow Bernheim buddies on Facebook using #BernheimAtHome.

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