Day Four

By Bernheim

LITTLE ELINA: Birds are one of my favorite animals, I even built a feather using rocks! Instead of using rocks, try to build a nest with sticks, grass, moss, and other natural items. What kind of bird would use your nest? How many birds could fit inside it? Where would you find your nest: high in a tree, on a cliffside, tucked in a bush, hidden in the grass? 


LITTLE NIS: There are many trails to hike at Bernheim! There are also many places to walk in your neighborhood.  As you go out on a walk today, try to find natural things like water, birds, plants, and anything that might also live in a forest like Bernheim.  See? You live in a wondrous place too!

MAMA LOUMARI: As I rest beneath the redwoods, I often find myself closing my eyes and listening to the world around me. Find a spot away from lots of people, rest for a moment, and shut your eyes. How many different sounds can you hear? Try to make out 10 different sounds. Which is your favorite? Which sounds are made by animals? Which are made by humans? Do non-living things make noises too?

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