Day Eighteen

By Olivia Belk

LITTLE ELINA – Fe-Fi-Fo Funfest may not be happening this year, but we can still pretend to be forest fairies and gnomes! All good fairies and gnomes need a wand or staff. Find a stick that feels special to serve as your wand. Why did you pick this stick? Can you tell what type of tree it comes from? Then collect different leaves, flowers, branches, grasses, and other objects that feel whimsical to you. Use glue, tape, or rubber bands to attach them to your wand or staff. Why did you choose these objects? How do they change the way your wand works? Finally, decorate your wand with markers or paint. How will you use your wand or staff to help the forest and all of it’s creatures? 

Isak Heartstone, photo courtesy of Hugh Carey, Summit Daily

LITTLE NIS – There are Forest Giants and Trolls like me across the world. Some are mysterious protectors of the mountains, like my father Isak Heartstone, while others are playful rascals like myself. On your adventures today, pretend to be a part of the Giant family. Where do you live? What do you look like? How do you impact the natural world around you? Hike through the forest as if you were one of my siblings, and come up with your Giant story along the way. If you like, draw your forest Giant self when you get home and write your story! To learn more about about the rest of my Giant family, click here.

MAMA LOUMARI – My Giant family and I try to inspire people to think about many things, like recycling and the importance of nature. Today, talk to your family about how you can inspire others too. Brainstorm what your whole family can do this week to make a positive impact around you. Do you try to focus on cutting back on waste? Maybe you plant flowers for the pollinators in your neighborhood, or simply draw pictures and happy phrases on the sidewalk to make passerbys smile. Come up with one thing you can do to inspire others, just like my Giant family!


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