Day Eight

By Bernheim

LITTLE NIS: For today’s adventure, let’s try to find a walk that crosses a creek.  There are a number of creek crossings in Kentucky, so head outside and find the creek crossing for you! Can you find any interesting rocks? What about fossils? Do you see any critters living in or around the creek? Some creeks have metal tubes called culverts that help them cross a road.   Be careful to not get wet if you are exploring closely to a creek. 

MAMA LOUMARI: I’ve been laying here under these Redwoods for over a year.  It’s amazing what sights and sounds you can experience when you take the time to stop, sit, and pay attention.  Today, you should find a place where you can sit comfortably and relax. Bring a journal or piece of paper if you want to draw a picture, write a poem, or just sit peacefully for at least five minutes, longer if you want.  Try sitting with your eyes closed for a while and focus on your other senses. What do you hear? What do you feel? What will you remember about this place? Pay attention to your breathing. Enjoy the experience of AWARENESS.

LITTLE ELINA: As a Giant, I like to stack giant rocks.  Have you seen my feather sculpture? Have you ever tried to make a rock stack?  Today is your day! See if you can find some rocks and stack them up! Can you stack as many rocks as years you are old?  Be careful to make sure that the rocks you lift aren’t home to any critters.   

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