Construction on Lake Nevin spillway has begun

By Bernheim

The affected area is the north/northeast side of Lake Nevin

As you enter Bernheim’s main entrance, you may notice some construction happening on the right. On October 22, we began state-mandated work on our Lake Nevin dam and spillway.

What are we building?
In compliance with state regulations, this spillway will be a high-hazard dam, and will be able to handle 28 inches of rain in a 6 hour period and serves as a backup to our existing dam and spillway on the north side of Lake Nevin. The project was mandated by the Kentucky Division of Water.

How long will construction last?
The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2019.

How will this affect visitors?

The affected section of Lake Nevin Loop

We have tried to minimize impact on visitors, but until the project is complete, a section of Lake Nevin Loop will be closed for visitor safety. The area affected is from the existing spillway bridge to the northeast end of Lake Nevin, near the main entrance. The rest of the trail is open for hiking as an out and back route.

Fishing will not be affected.

Will visitors be able to see the Forest Giants?
Yes. Construction has no impact on the Forest Giants Trail.

Will the construction area be marked?
The construction area will be identified by construction fencing and other markers.

Are we removing trees?
We will have to remove some trees. Any tree removed will be replaced by two that we will plant elsewhere at Bernheim.

What will the area look like after the project is complete?
After construction, grass will grow back and the area will still provide one of the beautiful views we’re known for.

Is this part of the pipeline/highway project?
This is in no way connected to either of the threats Bernheim is facing.




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