CONNECT Art Here for One Night Only

By Hannah Coleman-Zaitzeff

Bernheim’s annual event, CONNECT starts at 4:21 p.m. and goes until 10:21 p.m. It invites guests to experience the magic of day turning to night with a dazzling and fun filled evening of bands, food, art, science, and nature! This year the CONNECT art exhibition will continue to adorn the Lake Nevin loop until September 24, 2023. However, a few of our art experiences are for one night only, so read on to learn about some of the amazing art experiences exclusive to CONNECT on August 26, 2023. 

Billy Keith’s Solar Pyrography 

Louisville native, Billy Keith, is somewhat of a sun wielder. Using a large magnifying lens, Billy harnesses the power of the sun to burn incredible drawings into wood. Join Billy during the daytime portion of CONNECT to see him wood burn in action, or if the clouds block the sun, show his amazing work and talk about his journey into Solar Pyrography. 


Opening of Nocturnal by La Vispera 

As the day turns to night, take a stroll to the north end of the Lake Nevin loop to see the debut of the new installation from our 2023 Environmental Artist in Residence La Vispera. Their installation Nocturnal features 8 intricate stained glass inspired panels made completely from single use plastics. Nocturnal depicts Bernheim as dusk falls and highlights creatures that only come out once all Bernheim’s guests have gone home. Nocturnal will be available to see during the exhibition and onward, but the night of CONNECT is your chance to meet the amazing artists of La Vispera – Kelly Jimenez and Alejandro Franco will be at the artist meet and greet in our Forest Lounge at 6:30 p.m. and you may be able to catch them around the Lake Nevin Loop throughout the event!

Nocturnal in progress


Beth Reitmeyer’s Wonderland 

Once the sun has gone down, Beth Reitmeyer’s CONNECT installation will begin to sparkle and glow. Wonderland is made up of beautifully made geometric rocks and clouds that invite viewers to come take a seat and experience their own little wonderland. Beth’s work will also be available to see during the daytime portion of the event but is a must see during your nighttime CONNECT explorations. 


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