Bernheim Launches Children at Play Network

By Bernheim

Bernheim is launching the new Children at Play Network (CAPN) so that all children will have healthy opportunities to explore the natural world. This regional effort facilitates the creation of amazing outdoor play environments that connect children to nature for life.

We know that play is important for children’s wellbeing.  It’s vital for their physical, cognitive, emotional and social development. But not all play is the same.  Free play allows children to explore, imagine, create and solve problems. Children who play in nature are calmer, more focused and resilient.

CAPN is a resource for training, free play days, playground design support and nature-based education models, such as Forest Kindergarten. The Network connects and supports parents, educators and organizations to build healthy children, healthy communities and a healthy planet through active play in nature.

Through play, we will create the next generation of environmental stewards.

We invite you to learn more about the Children At Play Network at

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