Bernheim invites you to experience the Spirit Nest

By Jenny Zeller

The Spirit Nest at Bernheim Forest, created by nationally-renowned artist Jayson Fann, opened to the public to a funky and rhythmic beat driven by musicians from Kentucky Refugee Ministries and the artist himself. Fann, an interdisciplinary artist, educator, musician, and producer from Big Sur, Calif., has created an interactive and uniquely Bernheim art installation that is equal parts extraordinary and educational.

Throughout June, Fann worked side by side with Bernheim Arts in Nature Curator Jenny Zeller and Bernheim volunteers on the Spirit Nest, part human-sized bird nest, part treehouse. This 24-foot-tall structure is enclosed within a natural amphitheater and serves as an outdoor education space where teachers, school groups, naturalists, storytellers, and families can learn about science and the wonders of the natural world.

The Spirit Nest is located in Zone 2 of Bernheim’s Playcosystem, a 10-acre natural playground built to inspire free and adventurous play for all children. Bernheim’s Playcosystem Zone 1 opened to the public in May, and the following two zones – TreeCess and Adventure Forest – will be completed at a later date.

The Spirit Nest is not only a major component of Bernheim’s Playcosystem, but also a fantastic standalone art installation that provides educational opportunities, seamlessly weaving with Bernheim’s Golden Eagle research and our Motus Wildlife Tracking System, while also complementing Birds of Bernheim programming.

We invite you to fly on out to Bernheim and experience the Spirit Nest for yourself! Directions are available at the front kiosk.



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