Due to a heat index exceeding 90 degrees, the Millennium Trail and Elm Lick Trail will remain closed until further notice.

Beneficial Insects Art Exhibit

By Ralph Bergmann

Beneficial insects are insects that pollinate trees and plant-life while they collect nectar from flowers. Insects that are predators of undesirable, destructive insects are also seen as beneficial to human activities. Examples of beneficial insects that are helpful to your garden, yard and house are dragonflies, parasitic wasps, pollinators like bees, butterflies and moths, assassin bugs, assassin flies, lady beetle larvae, spiders, and house centipedes. The concept of beneficial is subjective depending upon the desired outcomes from a human perspective. Joanne Price brings the subject of beneficial insects to life, depicting these creatures in a scientific yet surreal fashion, through the labor-intensive printmaking process of relief engraving.

For more information on this exhibit and the artist, click here.

Now through October 31. This exhibit is free of charge. $5 weekend environmental impact fee still applies for Non-members.

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