Belskis Blog – Big difference between city & rural temperatures

By Amy Joseph Landon

Source: WLKY
By John Belski
July 13, 2020

Updated Monday evening, July 13……

Every year during the summer there is a difference between the number of 90 degree days in the urban heat areas compared with rural areas away from Louisville.

The official Louisville weather station is at Ali International Airport.


That is a lot of concrete that can really heat up the surrounding areas on a sunny day.

The Kentucky Mesonet weather stations are in rural locations usually several miles from the nearest town or city.


Here are the 90 degree days so far this year at specific locations.

LOUISVILLE….. Airport 17 days

BULLITT CO….. Bernheim Forest 10 days

CARROLL CO…. 2 miles east of Carrollton 10 days

GRAYSON CO…. 3 miles west of Leitchfield 4 days

HARDIN CO…. 8 miles west of Elizabethtown 6 days

LARUE CO…. 2 miles east of Hodgenville 1 day

MARION CO…. 8 miles NW of Lebanon 5 days

MEADE CO…. 4 miles SW of Brandenburg 5 days

OLDHAM CO…. 6 miles NW of LaGrange 5 days

SHELBY CO…. 10 miles SSE of Shelbyville 4 days

TAYLOR CO…. 7 miles west of Campbellsville 5 days

I do not have any data on any southern Indiana weather stations.

Only 2 locations have had at least half as many 90 degree days as Louisville…..
Bernheim Forest and Carroll Co.

Since Larue Co. has had only 1 day in the 90’s I compared their low temps with Louisville.
Days with a low of 70 degrees or higher so far this year:
Larue Co. 4 days
Louisville 21 days

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